A young organization of the new millennium as we may be,, Incorporated has always ambitioned to become YOUR credible choice of ICT Solutions provider, to help get your business reach the needed INNOVATION!, Inc. (CW), established in 2009, offers ICT solutions as its mainstream product providing end-to-end IT solutions, integration and value-added services for businesses. Starting up with very few clients, the company constructively grown in a short span of time with the positive response of the industry to the results-and-client-oriented customized service that have been marketed by CW. With the great potentialities seen in the business and its team, CW now gears its direction towards the introduction of IT consultancy and project management on top of its core service, offering not just technological advances but business solutions as well.

OUR VISION is to change the way ICT is viewed by organizations, by delivering ICT Solutions that can change their businesses dramatically.

OUR MISSION is to become the ICT consolidator of choice by organizations that desire to incorporate ICT as a major component of their businesses through providing solutions that works with them and fits the requirements of each individual client. Inc. believes that:

  • Selling a solution is not an end of the transaction, but merely a beginning. By being a service provider to an organization, Codeworks.Ph Inc. can easily provide support services to further enhance its relationships with its clients.

  • Partnering with industry leaders in the different fields of specialization in the ICT industry and be open to changes in such partnerships depending on the unique requirements of its clients.

  • Employees are our partners in our continued pursuit of seeking for the best technologies and solutions that will address the needs of our clients thus fostering an environment of learning and innovation.